Vaccine Management



Track all aspects of vaccine delivery for patients on a large scale across extensive population bases.

HospITal on Duty + Vaccine FEATURES:

Manages the lifecycle of vaccines

for large scale vaccination delivery centres, giving centralised management of receipting, dispensing, adjusting stock (e.g. multidose wastage, cold chain breach) and reporting, with information critical to the success for vaccine delivery.

Manages workflow

for all vaccine identification, batches and expired vaccines with built in notification and pre warning. Easily see all patients that were delivered a specific vaccine batch or all vaccines due to expire.

Easy integration

for bulk vaccine import and tracking, including receiving files from distributors.

Scanning and tracking

of all consumables, including the use of mobile devices to scan as they move through the lifecycle. 

Query and filter

by any of the attributes of the vaccine, person, or delivery site, as easily as “Filter by all people who received batch 123 at the Capital City Delivery Centre”

Easy link to IoT devices

to capture the “Cold Chain”during vaccine delivery.

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