Patient Journey

Features core to Patient Journey


Mobile & Desktop

Receive a task easily from your mobile or desktop device.


Accept Task

 Acknowledge receipt of tasks digitally 


Reassign Task

Improved handover as tasks are transferred directly from the device and re-assigned


Push Notifications

Instant notifications directly to your device advising new tasks and reminders for existing tasks

Patient Journey Dashboard

At-A-Glance Monitoring

A simple colour coded format helps teams quickly identify where a patient is in their journey.

Real-time patient data

The data reported on the PJB is sourced from a health management system in real time

Synchronised Ward

Real-time data reduces the risk of error and improves resource efficiency.


Responsive Web Design


Mobile Apps


Data Analytics


Management Dashboard

Specialist Solutions for the Healthcare Sector

  • Improved visibility of progress – from acknowledgement through to completion.
  • Links with the hospitals current workforce management systems to allow a searchable and up-to-date listing of people on shift.
  • Integration with Biometrics to know locations and  that allows Hospital On Duty to send notifications and alerts to the right person.
  • Requests for patient attendance are delivered directly to the on-duty clinician’s phone to ensure their timely action.
  • Configure alerts and escalations to meet hospital’s needs.
  • Staff can manage their workload on the go with the Hospital On Duty smartphone app, improving efficiency and care coordination.
  • Improve resource management with real-time visualisation of team workloads through a Visual Task Board. Hospital On Duty also provides a full audit trail of all activities.
  • Collaborate with other doctors and get second opinions in a secure application.
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