Patient Care

Patient Care is an enterprise grade, secure clinical and multidisciplinary case management and communication solution.

Developed by healthcare employees to help improve clinical outcomes and patient safety, and increasing overall hospital efficiency.

Case managers have the ability to navigate phases of the process with careful consideration of the patient’s cultural beliefs, interests, wishes, needs and values.


Creates the best outcome for patients: Evaluate and understand the treatment options available to them.


Provides a platform for mutual agreement on patient’s treatment goals and priorities.


Determine what the best next course of action to meet their specific needs.


Create action to achieve their goals and meet their specific interests and expectations.

Patient Care Workflow

Delivered with the power and scale of the ServiceNow platform and linked with existing Medical Data and Platforms.


Focus on the review of information related to the individual patient and identify their specific needs


Assessment of the current state of health of a specific patient and classifying the risk associated with the individual


Establish the best course of action for the patient and create individualised objectives goals, and actions

Care Coordination

Patients will receive ongoing care management and thorough engagement through a client support system, ensuring seamless care coordination.

Follow Up

With PatientCare, you will have the ability to continuously track and manage ongoing medical reviews and monitoring. This ensures the patient’s needs are met.

Transitioning Care & Evaluation

Manage post care transition, ensure continued communication and measure the performance of care management.

Secure Collaboration

Mobile or Desktop

Make quicker decisions by taking your discussions online using desktop or mobile.


Doctor to Doctor

Reach out directly to another on-call clinician securely and privately


Group Chat

Work with other on-call clinicians to improve prioritisation and distribution of work

Secure, Clinical & Multidisciplinary

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