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Clinical Task Management


Specialist solutions for Patients & Medical Staff

Deliver and designate tasks straight to clinicians’ mobile devices and see if they are held up with another patient instantly.

Allow nurses to promptly request assistance while with a patient and have the right doctor alerted instantly.

Centrally manage all requests and easily hand over all the tasks to day shift from one system.

Easily notify and keep track of requests around every ward of the hospital

Remove the reliance on paper, pagers and WhatsApp and have doctors and nurses see instantly which patients are waiting for a doctor instantly.

HospitalOnDuty easily allows you to centrally manage all the requests for doctors and nurses. Move tasks easily between doctors and no more confusion about which patient is being seen by whom for what.

No need to for special devices, allow anyone in the hospital secure access from any device to the one view. Allow nursing stations and clinical managers to see all the requests broken by wing, ward, bed or hospital wide from any screen in the hospital.

Clinical Task Management

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